XR Club at UMD


Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a community around virtual and augmented reality on campus by providing technologies, mentorship, and specialized hackathons. To capture these goals, XR Club strives to supply the resources for students to develop, the specialized mentorship to gain knowledge, and the supportive culture to produce an innovative mindset. We, as aspiring developers, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, collaborate on XR Projects, which includes Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality, as well as research XR technology. We are passionate about all things XR and welcome new members with unprecedented access to XR development equipment and expertise.


At the XR Club, we firmly believe that everyone can bring something to the club that will make it a better place. We encourage our members to contribute by joining our teams. However, we recognize that UMD students are incredibly talented and wear multiple hats and can have changing interests over time as their skill sets and personalities develop. So, we enable club members to contribute to multiple teams!

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know through our Discord or our email and/or applying using the button below!


The Admin teams includes the President, Vice President, and Treasurer roles. Their responsibility is to keep the club running: coordinating teams, managing finances, doing boring university bureaucracy stuff, etc.


The Lab team maintains the beloved XR Lab in AVW 4176! These people are responsible for keeping the lab open, managing and troubleshooting our equipment, and also ensuring that proper handling, safety, and health procedures are being followed.


The Projects team coordinates our project efforts as well as developing workshop content. They will also gladly help answer your questions with everything regarding XR development. The project team helps to maintain the website you're seeing right now!


The Events team plans and coordinates all the events for the XR Club. This includes our recreational events, field trips, and speaker events. Some of them may even help run game tournaments like Beat Saber and VTOL VR!


The Media team helps to create content for our social media and also helps to produce videos and graphics for the XR Club. You can see their work on our Instagram and also our YouTube channel!


The Outreach team manages the marketing for our social media accounts and communicates with our partners and reach out to external contacts.


Coming soon!


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Damian Figueroa


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Russell Mehta

Vice President

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Ian Morrill


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Kun Feng

Lab Manager

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Sahithi Jarugula

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Adam Lahr

Past Leadership

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Abhinav Garlapati

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Amy Tran

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